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The Leader for a Reason

Known. Trusted. Reliable.

Diprivan® has been a trusted and reliable anesthetic for over 30 years.

Fresenius Kabi is the U.S. market leader, and we’re committed to meeting Diprivan demand with continuous supply.

Diprivan®. The Propofol that is known.
#1 Prescribed Propofol in the U.S.¹
Diprivan®. The Propofol you trust.
Diprivan has been there for your physicians and your patients.
Diprivan®. A track record of reliability.
Pharmacies need reliable inventory levels. We are committed to providing a consistent supply for you and your patients.
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How the Fresenius Kabi manufacturing process keeps Diprivan production for the U.S. market running smoothly.
From obtaining the raw materials to delivering Diprivan, it can take as much as 6 months to produce a vial.
We begin by sourcing components of the drug and the packaging materials, which include many things like: API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), glass vials, stoppers, labels, shipping materials, and much more.
Next comes production planning: making sure we have everything we need to meet demand for Diprivan. We prepare for bulk production by assessing the ingredients using specific software.
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Fresenius Kabi increased Diprivan supply by 173%, manufacturing product in multiple facilities to guard against supply interruptions.

How to order Diprivan

Our exclusive 10 mL Diprivan vial was designed to reduce waste for outpatient procedures.

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